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Water Resource Consultants in Southern California

Southern California’s trusted environmental consultant.
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From hydraulic engineering and environmental compliance to fire protection and domestic water master planning, WREA’s civil and environmental engineers are equipped with multidisciplinary expertise to handle all types of water resource design and permitting projects. Our engineering design strategies are tailored to fit diverse land, water quality, and permitting complexities. Get to know the experts behind Southern California’s leader in water resource related projects.

Lou Nagy, PE
RCE 47648
Steve Cattanach
Senior Designer
Roxanne Collins
Office Manager,
Project Coordinator
Ashleigh Keelean
Staff Engineer
Carolina Rodriguez
Staff Engineer II
Erika Wilson
Staff Engineer
Interested in joining our Team? We love to hear from motivated and talented individuals eager to contribute to a successful engineering team. Please submit a Letter of Interest and Resume to wrea@wreassoc.net.
Water Resource Engineering Associates is Southern California’s trusted civil environmental consultant in water and wastewater collection, conservation, distribution, and treatment. Get in touch with us. We serve Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, Los Angeles County and beyond. Call 805-653-7900 today!